Teens in our program are also eligible to win prizes and trophies for their sales performance throughout the year. We believe in rewarding our teens for a job well done and we give a trophy for Salesman of the Year, Perseverance, 70 Sales Club, 80 Sales Club, 90 Sales Club, and 100+ Sales Club.

Salesman of the Year Award


The Salesman of the Year award is giving to the teen that had outstanding attendance throughout the year, consistently hit their daily sales goal, and was able to sell the most items out of all the teens in the program. They can also have their picture featured on the back of our products or marketing material.

Sales Club Awards


The Sales club awards are given for teens that sold 70 or more items in a single day during the year.

Perseverance Award


On any given sales day the teens will speak to hundreds of customers and not everyone buys the products. The perseverance award is given to the teen that consistently showed strong will throughout the year and never gave up despite the adversities.



With the support of great people that buy our products, our teens become eligible to earn great free trips to amusement parks and sites such as Six Flags. Every summer we hold a contest that is designed to teach the teens responsibility. Therefore if the teens attend 90% of their scheduled sales days over the summer they win a free trip to an Amusement Park at the end of the summer.