Who We Are


Youth For a Better America is a Youth Employment Program that was founded with the vision of helping teens and youth earn their own money, learn salesmanship and entrepreneurship skills, and have something productive to do with their time on the weekends and summers. As a part of our program the teens learn viable skills that they can use later in life.

Our Mission


Our Mission is to offer teens and youth an opportunity to make their own money so they don’t have to ask their parents. We also teach them salesmanship skills, communication skills, leadership, and entrepreneurship skills. Our goal is to teach these skills to the teens at a young age so that when they graduate High School and go further in life, they will be ready to own their own business one day or be a professional in Corporate America. They will be equipped to face any challenge that may come their way. Todays Youth are Tomorrow’s Future!!!!

What We Do


We train teens and youth salesmanship and entrepreneurship skills and provide them with a part-time job on the weekends. We set them up to work as Vendors at different events, as well as in Shopping Malls. We rent out spaces in these locations for the teens to sell boxes of candy and confectionary items and they are paid commissions and bonuses for their sales. Not only are they earning money, but it also gives them a productive way to spend their idle time on weekends and summers.


We also provide a financial literacy course every year for the teens and youth in our program. It is not only important for the teens to earn money, but we teach them what to do with the money once they earn it. This course helps them understand the importance and value of the money they make and how to manage it responsibly.