Who We Are


Youth for a Better America is a youth organization that was founded with the vision of helping inner city teenagers stay off the streets and away from negative influences such as drugs and gang violence. As a part of our program the teens learn viable skills that they can use later in life. We offer the opportunity for the teens to set obtainable goals they can strive hard to achieve, and receive awards for their achievements.

Our Mission


Our mission is to offer teenagers an opportunity to learn responsibility, professionalism, develop leadership skills, salesmanship skills, and communication skills. Our goal is to teach these skills to the teens at a young age so that when they graduate High School and go further in life they will be ready to face the world and any challenges ahead. Today’s Youth are Tomorrow’s Future!!!!

What We Do


We provide our teens with guidance, direction, and a constructive way to spend their time after school and on the weekends. We rent out Kiosks in malls and attend festivals over the summer to provide a safe environment for our teens to sell various fundraising items and showcase the skills they have learned in our program.

We also provide budget coaching to our teens so they learn how to manage the money they make, save, and become good financial stewards of the resources God has provided them.